Greetings All,

It is hard to believe that March is here and just one week before take-off to the Asia Pacific. I want to thank you once again for your prayers as the Lord has once again graciously provided for my needs to make this trip. The plan will be to leave Lincoln, Nebraska early morning on the 8th . I will make my international connection in Chicago with a non-stop 12-13 hour flight to Tokyo, a couple of hours layover for plane change and security check, and then the last 7 hour leg to the Asia Pacific Islands where we work. All in all it will be about 25 hours from departure till arrival. The Lord has given me some good aisle seats so it will make it easy for getting up and stretching whenever I want.

This trip will see me involved in doing some extensive translation checking, a Wana Bible Conference, making church planting consultant visits to a number of other missionary teams, and also regional leadership committee meetings. It looks to be a packed filled time but I am looking forward to being back and rubbing shoulders with everyone once again. We will appreciate your prayers for Jeanne as she takes me to the airport and for safety on the roads for her and also as she holds the fort on this end. We also appreciate your prayers for our parents and that everyone will stay healthy while I am away. And most of all thanks to you for being a vital part of our team through your prayers. 

This coming Sunday is the first Sunday of the month and with it many churches in our country celebrate communion. We always enjoy celebrating communion with the Wana folks each time there too so I thought I would include some pictures of our previous communion service with them. And of course this is the whole reason why we do this job and why I make these trips – so that the Wana and others living in Asia Pacific can come to an understanding of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection for the payment of our sins.

May God Bless you,

Ed & Jeanne Casteel

“Pa’ Obin” one of our pastors leading the service

The elements – usually cool aide and broken cookies. They now have individual cups rather than just a few common cups we used to use.

Passing out the elements


I couldn’t help but notice the refection of the light as Pa’ Obin spoke – in the shape of a cross. How fitting.