Dear Ministry Partners,

Wow it is hard to believe that Spring is nearly here, and with that just one week until I depart for the Asia Pacific. This letter finds me scurrying around trying to wrap up all those last minute items before departure, not only getting my things in order but also fixing those leaky faucets that always have a way of starting their dripping right before I leave Smile.

The past couple of months have been busy for us. Our kids spent the month of December in Florida visiting Tina’s parents along with touching base with their mission headquarters and visiting ministry partners. They arrived back here in Nebraska on January 5 in time for a meeting at a little country church here on January 8. We held off celebrating our Christmas until they returned so enjoyed getting the grandparents and all of us together for a time of reading the Christmas story and exchanging some gifts. We always enjoy those times of getting everyone together.

It was then time for the kids to begin packing up and getting ready to go back to Peru. They had a very short home assignment this time due to government regulations in Peru and the amount of time they can be out of the country and still maintain a resident visa. On February 1 we bid our tearful farewells to them as we saw them off in Omaha. They arrived safely and now pretty much settled back into life there in central Peru.

It was just a few days later that I made a trip down to Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee, and Alabama, visiting friends and ministry partners. It is always a blessing to rub shoulders with each of our ministry partners. We feel the Lord has given us such a great ministry “team” and feel blessed to serve along side each of you. I was also able to stop off and see my sister and her husband for a day. It was a 15 day trip covering over 3000 miles and good to finally get back home on Saturday night.

We praise the Lord that my travel funds for this upcoming trip have been met! Thank you so much for praying about that. Jeanne will take me to the airport on next week and I will then arrive Asia Pacific Thursday night. We have a lot in store for this next trip. First I will be doing some extensive translation checking on Old Testament translation portions from Exodus to the end of the old Testament. We will then have a Bible conference planned for all our churches the end of March. Following that I along with some of our Wana disciples will be making consultant visits to a number of our other missionary teams on the island. Not to mention our regional leadership team is also going to squeeze in a couple of days of meetings as well. All in all it is shaping up to be a full schedule.

Jeanne and I also want to take this opportunity to thank you so much for your part on our team and thank you for your prayers for us and our ministry with the Wana people. We will also appreciate your prayers for the next six weeks or so while I am gone and Jeanne holds the fort on this end. Pray for our parents too and that everyone will stay healthy while I am away. Thank you so much!


Ed & Jeanne Casteel