Dear praying friends,
I have just received an email from Jason Stuart, who is a liaison between the Sepik national churches, and support from the NTM centre there in Wewak. I would ask that you might join us in prayer for Aisak (Isaac) … Feneneka…. Ariane…. Below is the latest news… from Jason…

-Aisak Ariane is very sick. He was flown out of May River a couple days ago on Samaritan Aviation. I have gone to the haus sik (hospital) to see him. He is retaining fluid in his legs and abdomen and looks a bit jaundiced to me. From my experience he looks like a terminal case, which would be a huge loss to the Samou (Owininga) community (he is still the school teacher) and the Samou church (he is a very faithful godly man and church leader). So, he would appreciate your prayers. He has already expressed that his life is in the Lord’s hands and the outcome is up to the Lord.

P.S. from Bev… His older brother, Sebeou (James) Ariane, also a sweet believer and leader in the Owininga Church, died suddenly, just before Doug and I visited the village in 2009. Appreciate your prayers for Aisak in particular, his wife and children, and for the Owininga church. Lovingly in Jesus, Bev