Thank you so much for your love and prayers and gifts! We are deeply grateful for your part in reaching the Hewa people with the love of Jesus. Thank you!

Praise the Lord with us that we have just finished teaching the first ten lessons (of 25) from the book of Revelation here in Hewa. Excitement is high, not only with the 15 teachers-in-training, but with the entire church. More than 100 people have been packing into our tiny building for the sessions, with many more sitting outside on the ground as an overflow. The adults and kids alike have joined the memory competitions with enthusiasm. The three boys and three girls pictured above received coveted water bottles as a prize for reciting the topics that are covered in all 22 chapters of the book- something we thought would take weeks to memorize. We are praising the Lord for the privilege of living in a village where the majority of its members are eager to learn more of God’s Word as we translate it.

Also praise the Lord with us that three American families have arrived to start a new work in the mountains south of us, in an area that has been asking for missionaries for many years. Over the time we have lived in Hewa, many men have traveled from far away areas of the jungle to meet with us pleading that someone move to their village to teach them the Bible also. Of the many languages and dialects that have been asking, this is the first team that has arrived and committed themselves to learn a new language, translate and teach the Bible. We are very happy that one more language will hear the precious message of salvation in the coming years. We can’t wait for the time when there will be other followers of Jesus within a five-seven day hike of our village.

Along with those two praises, we ask that you join us in prayer for our grown daughter, Mikayla. Due to back pain (from a connective tissue disorder, Ehlers- Danlos Syndrome) she has come to the heart-wrenching realization that, at this time, she is no longer able to continue with her dream to enter medical school to become a missionary doctor. Sitting and studying seems to aggravate the nerves too much. In the meantime, she plans to pursue a new treatment in DC. Please pray for her healing and pray the Lord gives us clear direction about how to meet her needs, while at the same time continuing with translating and teaching of the Bible for our Hewa friends.

Thank you for your love and prayers and gifts! We deeply appreciate you!
Jonathan, Susan & Mikenna