Answers to YOUR prayers! Over the past couple of years I asked you to please be praying specifically for new missionaries ….. Here’s what God has been doing!

2 teams are allocating!!!!

Uriai – Here in the Sepik swamps: Lisa Kappeler has spent the last several years praying and looking for co-workers so that she can return and live in the village again. Jason & Laken Cizdziel (with Thatcher & Copeland) and Clint & Ashlyn Teele (with Kyler & baby Brooke) are the answer to those prayers. If ever a team got lessons in flexibility – this team has! The first half dozen plans were scraped at a more rapid pace than our Kodiak planes can fly! Flooded airstrip, pre-allocation work team dates shortened from a week to mere days, outboard motor fuel used locally to cut the airstrip instead of being saved for river trips; even getting the entire team together with the various demands of their lives & ministries has been a challenge. As of Feb 7th though, the team is finally all on location in the village, settling in and getting ready for the 2 new families to have their language learning kick-off next week! You can be praying for adjustments for the 2 new couples and their young children, and as they move into the beginning stages of learning the Uriai language and culture. Please keep Lisa in your prayers too as she gets back into more scripture translation, encouraging the local church leaders, and overseeing the literacy program.

Also allocating …..

Maliyali – 2 young families are heading into a higher than the Sepik swamps location to open a new work. This is a dialect of the Hewa language group where NTM missionaries Jonathan & Susan Kopf have been working for many years. It’s over a day’s hike between the 2 locations. Because the dialectical variances are so great, different literacy materials AND scripture translation will be needed. Pray for David & Emily Rimestad (with Calvin & Louise) and Nathan & Rachel Mueller (Halle, Kaine, Layla and Daisy) as they move toward investing the next 15-20+ years living among the Maliyali people. David & Nathan are currently on location at Maliyali cutting timber for their houses while their wives and children remain here in town. A third couple – Chad & Martha Earl plan to join the team this summer.


But wait! There’s more! More praise is due!

  • Jason Stuart & his 2 kiddos who call me “Gramma” are back! After their 5 month stint “down under” working toward Jason’s Australian residency requirements, their little family is back with us.
  • Jacob & Beth Devine have their tickets in hand for returning to PNG! We should see the whites of their eyes late on the 27th of Feb. Beth is the one whose work I have been “temporarily” overseeing in the finance office. The family returns with a new baby, plus adding home schooling for their young son into their daily routines so it remains to be seen which finance duties Beth will take over again. Still – it will be SOOOOOOOOOO wonderful to have the finance savvy lady back in residence for all the queries that plague my days!
  • Our small Wed Bible study group is back in swing and the ladies seemingly keep desiring to grow in their love and understanding of our Lord. Rosie recently asked if she could bring a friend, but since we are limiting this group with the idea of concentrating on grounding them in the meat of the Word to the point they can lead Bible studies, I instead mentioned that I will print the lessons and she can share them in their settlement.
  • Pray that Rosie will indeed be able to begin a local Bible study in their settlement. Especially as she will soon be taking time off work for the birth of their 1st baby!

On the other hand – some ongoing serious matters that you could also be standing together with us in prayer.

  • Another of our missionary co-workers has been diagnosed with a brain tumor with a not so encouraging prognosis. Please do be praying for Deb Rodges and the entire family as they travel this road toward eternity.
  • Paperwork and other obstacles for families who had hoped to be here in Wewak with us by now have still not worked out. Please continue to pray for:
    • the TI family who need to sell their house so that they can come join us in the work here
    • John & Christina Hutteman family – for Christina’s US citizenship application to be processed so they can return and work as liaison between the tribal Christians where missionaries are no longer in residence and the local churches are standing on their own
    • Cade Holmquist – young teenage MK who has been VERY sick since spring with Lyme’s disease

At times like this it is precious to be a part of a family – God’s family – and know many are standing together upholding us on the various matters God brings our way. Thank YOU for being a part of that. Your evidences of loving concern and support of the life and ministry God has granted to me here are greatly appreciated!

Co-laboring with you to bring back Christ as King!

Hope Sharp