Dear Team Members,

WOW time flies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had a GREAT time out in Kansas over Christmas and New Year’s visiting Ray and Janelle, our grandchildren and their spouses, and our great grandchildren!!!!!!!!! Even saw snow – not much, BUT enough for us Floridians going from 85 degrees to 0 degrees Frown We also both got colds and Charlie had bronchitis. BUT the warmth of family and friends helped to keep us warm in heart Smile


Arriving back after 10PM on January 9th, we hit the road these last two weeks with various appointments -my oncologist, Primary Care doctor, urologist, endocrinologist, blood work, and a thyroid ultrasound was done which showed the growth I have had for years was larger than the last one done over a year ago. We saw the endocrinologist on Monday and a fine needle biopsy was done yesterday. We are feeling washed out from that all the appointments. We will get the results next Thursday. I have had a number of them done over the years and all proved benign and we expect this will be also, but felt it was best to not take it for granted that all was okay! The thyroid blood work was fine! February 1st I will see the surgeon, who did my mastectomy, regarding another needed operation, BUT not as bad as the one done last May as there will be no lymph glands or muscles involved in the operation!

We are looking forward to seeing 2 different couples in the next few weeks that we have not seen in a while. One couple, Earl and Judy from our home town in Massachusetts, is passing through Sanford and we will have lunch together on this Monday. They belong to Highland Baptist Church, a church we have had contact with since we first went overseas in the 1970s. The other couple, Fred and Donna from near Atlanta, will spend a couple of days with us mid-February. We look forward to spending time with these special friends. We do not have many people come this far south so these times are SPECIAL!

This past year has not been an easy one, BUT our encouragements have been in the Lord, His Word, and your love and care for us! God Bless and Encourage you also!

With Grateful Hearts for you being part of our lives,
Charlie & Cherrie

Cherrie’s Musings:

January 25th 2017
Often I look back over my cancer journey. There is a word I am reminded of – an enigma – which means something puzzling or inexplicable! There have been horrible days, BUT through it all we have had a peace that we know only came from God!!!!! Neither Charlie nor I would want to go through this journey again, BUT we would not want to miss how God revealed Himself to us. We see Him as our loving, caring, Creator God, and are thankful for the salvation we have in His Son Jesus Christ! He has brought soooooo many people into our lives, who have encouraged us, and also for us to encourage with the Love He has encouraged us with. We look at life more clearly with grateful hearts!
Philippians 4:7 “ And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”