(This is the Atkins’ December letter with an update for January at the bottom)


Praise God for an amazing visit with the Missions leader and his wife here in Slovakia last Sunday! At his initiative, we are now actively pursuing a true partnership in the gospel in the coming year. Pray that each of us would be sensitive to the Lord and His leadership in how we can most effectively partner together for the furtherance of the gospel and His kingdom here in Slovakia. Ask that God would prepare the hearts and minds of those whom he would want us to influence for His kingdom. Also, please pray for our church, Palisady. The church voted to not give each of our pastors a vote of confidence and we are now in search of a new pastor. Pray that God’s man for our church would be found and lead this flock to become all that God would desire for it to be.




Thank the Lord with us that Summer has found a job with Digital Solutions in Mission Viejo, California! Pray for Summer to easily adapt to her new job and the challenge of finding a healthy rhythm to life. Continue to pray that Ryan finds a job in this same area. Also, ask that they would find an affordable place to live and one that would meet their needs.


We are excited about being in Oklahoma for the holidays! We leave on December 13th and will return January 3rd. Pray for a wonderful visit with Trey’s Dad, who is progressively getting weaker, and Trey’s Mom, with whom we are looking forward to giving some much needed relief as she has been the primary caregiver for George. We’ll get to see the rest of Trey’s family as well as our sons and daughters in love, too!



George Atkins 1939 – 2017

Trey’s father died this Tuesday, January 11. You can read the obituary here. Trey and Elise flew from Vienna to Oklahoma City.

The funeral was Monday at 2 PM in Weatherford, Oklahoma. First Baptist Church hosted the funeral. They and the Weatherford community have been a tremendous support through dad’s illness and during this time of grief.

Both of our sons and daughter-in-laws travelled to the funeral as well. Bret and Dana drove in from Longview, Texas.  Ryan and Summer flew in from California.

Thanks for your faithful support and prayer.

In Christ,

Trey and Elise