It started with these two humble teachers who took our training in September.

They started out teaching course 1 (evangelism) with 9 students and 5 came to faith in Christ. We were in the area last week, and they asked us to attend their small graduation. What a joy to hear the testimonies and see people experiencing their “first love.” They bought course 2 books (strengthening faith) and will continue teaching their small group.

Here is a banner they made which says, “The name of the Savior is Jesus.”


This man was the first to share his faith, followed by this woman. It was a very simple setting, but it reminded us that God wants to reach the whole world and was even more thrilled than we were to hear their faith expressed.

When this man heard the attributes of God early in the lessons, he broke down crying and said, “I didn’t attend church and I didn’t know God was so wonderful. Otherwise I would have believed in Him much sooner.”

We were actually in the area for an annual Christmas youth camp which was attended by over 150 people. Many of the young people kept notes and wrote down references so we are hopeful they continue to study what they’ve learned.

These are some of the youth who attended the camp.

Their church leaders met and said they will plant gardens to have food to host a 10 day course 1 study in July or August. We were thrilled to see their interest. Looking forward to strengthening the leaders and churches in that area.

January 1st, we are heading to the capital, Port Moresby, for a much needed break. Pray we will get some rest, be refreshed spiritually and make contact with some believers down there. Catch you in the New Year.

Jim & Kathy Tanner, Papua New Guinea