Greetings from Steve and Sandy Aholt,

We greatly appreciate your faithful prayers and sacrificial support of our labor for Christ. God is at work in our lives.

The editing of the book of Philippians has been completed. Thank you for your prayers as God gave wisdom to make this work a great success in communicating God’s thoughts more clearly. Please pray for the translation team as they make decisions that will either revitalize this work or bring this translation to an end. There have been goals that are necessary for the team to achieve, for this work to continue. Those goals have not been met.

The editing of the book, The Story of Hope in the Papua New Guinea Pidgin (PNG) language has been completed. Thank you for your prayers as we have worked to complete this initial task that was assigned to us by the PNG ABWE Field Council.

Please pray for my friend Kenny. He does not believe that the Bible is accurately translated. Pray that he will allow the Holy Spirit to work in his life and that Kenny will change his thinking. Please take one minute right now and pray about this!

Please pray for our Muslim friends who live near us. One man has asked Steve to study the Bible with him. He has already asked for, and received, a copy of the Bible. He does not understand the Bible, because he is spiritually blinded by Satan. Please take one more minute to pray for this man too!

We have received training and have been able to help, in small ways, with the Restoration House of Greater Kansas City. The process of restoring someone to society who has been rescued from the trauma of human sex trafficking is not easy. This takes many people doing numerous tasks, to show these ladies their need for Christ-centered changes in their lives.

During this Christmas season, please consider the Seven Wonders of the World that God has given to each one of us – personally:

To See . . . To Hear . . . To Touch . . . To Feel . . . To Laugh . . . To Love . . . and To Be Loved – by God’s amazing love – through His own, precious, Son Jesus.

He came as the infant Son of God . . . He lived and taught as one with authority . . . He then suffered and died – for you and for me – to free us from our sin, so that we can have everlasting life! He did all of this so that the works of God should be made “known” in him. This was Jesus response to the man that was born blind.

Victor Chekhovskiy’s family were in an apartment fire in Odessa, Ukraine. Victor was the only survivor who had just been moved out of intensive care into a regular room. Victor’s unbelieving sister, an aunt, Anna’s mother and brother, and Pastor Evgeniy were in the hospital room when Victor asked about his family. He was told that he was the only survivor of the fire. Victor asked these questions on Monday, “Why them and not me, it’s my fault, Lord why did this happen?” and “How will I live?” The only answer to those questions is, “that the works of God would be made known in him.” Please take just one more minute to pray for Victor and his healing – both physically and emotionally – and for spiritual strength so that God would be made know in him.

Making Christ know in us,
Steve and Sandy Aholt