Short stories from the mission field in Papua New Guinea

This is Max. His pastor and missionary wanted him to escort me up to the Christmas youth camp in December, but when they found out we have a teacher training course coming up next week, they asked if he could attend. It was decided that he would come early and allow me to mentor him.

He is a dedicated earnest young man and it has been a joy and privilege to spend time pouring into his life. He has managed to study 17 out of the 68 lessons in just a few days.

Pray God will use this time to encourage him and strengthen his faith. We look forward to see him serving Christ in the years ahead.



The text came for Jonnie, a zealous servant who teaches and promotes out Bible Lessons. He reported, “Two men are getting baptised this weekend. One is a geologist who works in a mining company. He says this course is a really powerful tool. He said now I know the Gospel and the Bible through the course.”

We had 17 students attend our latest Teachers’ Training Course; 4 of them were women. They learned a lot about teaching and each student had to teach a lesson in front of others. We also studied about allowing the Holy Spirit to develop Christian character in us. Some places they join sections of bamboo together to pipe water to the villages. When something blocks he bamboo, it affects the water flow. In the same way if we have sin in our lives, it blocks the Holy Spirit’s power to flow through us to others.

They were a very thankful group and paid close attention to the teachers. May they go on to multiply. I will be speaking at my first Christmas youth camp about 2 days drive from here Dec. 20-25. I have 10 sessions. Pray for the Word to go out with power and touch young lives for eternity.

Jim & Kathy Tanner