Hello from the Timblin household.

We finally had to turn on the heat! Matthew thought he was getting frostbite (it was 50 degrees outside). I know some of you are laughing! We desert people do freeze in the winters here.

Who’s bright idea was it that we should try to fit so much into December? UGH! I want a quiet month to enjoy family, play some games, watch some movies, listen to Christmas music and see twinkly lights… AND not least of all, to remember and think on what Christmas is actually about! Sounds wonderful right?

I was thinking just today what it would feel like to have been Mary. Going through her first childbirth, with the assistance of a man she was still getting to know, and here is her new baby… a perfect son. (OK, so you men would not be imagining that one.)

One of my friends here just had her first baby yesterday…a beautiful boy and this is what she said on facebook, “I am so over-the-moon in love with this little man… What am I going to do with myself?? My heart is simply going to burst ” I am sure that Mary didn’t use those terms but the feeling was probably the same….I wonder if she had any inkling of what was actually going to happen to her son? It’s a sobering thought isn’t it? I personally don’t think she had any idea because God knows exactly what we can handle and that knowledge would have been a bit much for a new Mommy.

This Timblin household is bonkers….and I am glad that God only allows us to know just enough for us to handle.

Paul is swamped (it seems to be the norm) with maintenance issues that are pressing on him as he works on a plane that should be in Mexico flying. It’s needed there, but the broken things need to be fixed and you can’t rush that! He is also preparing for an audit by MSI (Mission Safety International), which we do every 3 years. This is when a specialized team arrives (from MSI) and evaluates every aspect of our ministry for safety. That happens in January; so all the prep starts now….well, it has actually been on-going but it’s stepped up to a higher notch right now. It is a very good thing but can you imagine the stress level as we prepare for a detailed audit of the nitty-gritty stuff that makes up an Aviation Ministry? Even the wives are interviewed to see if we think our husbands are working in a safe environment or what areas we think are unsafe. Through all this, the regular maintenance of planes in and out of Mexico is going on. Paul sure is thankful for Tony and Bill who are his regular side-kicks in the hanger plugging along on the jobs. Here are the 3 amigos. ​

The kids are busy with school, end of the year programs, exams coming up, and youth group events too….I often wonder: how many White Elephant parties can you go to? (Jesse calls them Gray Hippo parties)

Matthew has completed everything (paperwork, physical assessments, and interviews) for his Air Force Academy and Naval Academy applications. Now it is a waiting game for him. Here he is heading out to his AF interview.

Bethany is packing up her stuff and moving off campus to a house with 4 other girls, taking exams and getting ready to fly home on the 15th. We are so excited to have her home again!

Me, I’m just sitting around sipping coffee. Very funny! The Living Nativity, which I direct, is in full swing. It runs Dec 16-18th from 6:30-9pm. I have 104 people on my “Participant” list that I coordinate with (actors, props, builders, costumers, assist roles etc…) It’s overwhelming at times (like when I suddenly remember that we need enough firewood for 8 fires to burn each night …and I have forgotten to get that), but I love doing it. By the way, I sent out a “HELP” email and had many responses of “I’ll bring wood” so that catastrophe was avoided! Last year we had just over 600 people come through and this year we are expecting even more! This picture is from last year… most of the acting cast here… not the support people because they were all off working still I think. All 5 of the kids and I are in this picture. Paul was probably off putting out the fires at each scene, so he’s not in here. Just in case you need help: Matthew is a soldier at the back middle, Jesse is the small blond angel, Gabriel is a shepherd right behind her, I am in the front right all in black, Miriam is right behind me and Bethany is standing to the far right behind the two ladies in white.

​Faith Christian Academy also has a piece of my time… ok, a chunk. We have 36 students now, and are outgrowing our building. I chant to myself “that’s a good thing, that’s a good thing” even as thoughts like “what are we going to do next year?” race to take over… I just keep reminding myself that God brought this to be and HE is in control and will lead. I appreciate your prayers as we move forward and seek God’s leading for the school.

Hey, remember that Matthew is going on his Senior Mission trip this month? Well, I am going, too! We leave on December 29th and return on January 20th. Ya’ll please pray for Paul and the kids while we are gone, and that this time will be impactful for life on our seniors.

We recently had another church take us on for support. What an encouragement to see again how God supplies. Thank you for also being a part of that provision. I hope this finds you realizing God’s goodness in your life too. Times are stressful all around it seems (maybe with you too) …It seems there are many loved ones who are sick or passing away or just in pain. Won’t it be wonderful to be in heaven, with Christ, where one day all tears will be wiped away? That is sure a wonderful hope we are looking forward to. In the meantime, we have a job to do and we will continue to work here to the best of our ability as long as the Lord would have us. Thank you for supporting, encouraging, and praying for us.

We wish you each a Merry Christmas and a very Happy 2017 to come!

With love,

Laurel – for the Tucson Timblins