Notes from the mission field

Here are some stories and pics from October and November 2016!


Lord willing we take off on Wednesday morning for the coastal town of Madang and then on to the Ramu River. This picture takes 4 wheel driving to an all new depth. Hope we don’t encounter any roads that are this bad. Smile Pray for those we will be teaching for the next 3 weeks.
Early this morning, we got a call from Jonnie, one of our co-teachers from Kelabo. He has been in the capital, Port Moresby, for a couple weeks and is introducing our Creation to Christ lessons to about 40 people down there. He said many of those hearing the Word were shocked that they hadn’t heard these truths before. Sometime next year, they want to attend the full course. He told me about another Bible study back at Kelabo where an unchurched local counsellor started attending and broke down weeping when he heard about God’s attributes in creation. He realized he had neglected to include God in his life, but was so happy to be hearing the truth now. Next week, 3 teachers and I start a two day trip to teach up the Ramu River in Madang Province. Pray that hearts will be prepared to hear the Word of God, and for our team to stay safe and healthy during our 3 weeks there. 

Ramu River Class

I was sitting in the back of the truck with about 20 other people when the truck missed a gear and suddenly we were hurling down the steep hill in reverse. The truck swerved off the one lane gravel road and we were headed into the woods at the side of the road, with everyone shouting, “Don’t try to jump out! Stay inside!” One man did jump and his femur bone was crushed. He was in a lot of pain and the people managed to make a rough splint to stabilize him. Unfortunately, there were no medical facilities nearby and he died at my feet about 5 hours later. The trip back was a real endurance test and we only got short snatches of sleep. We left at 5:00 pm Saturday and arrived at 1:30 am on Tuesday. But all of that was more than worth it to see the men and women in the class come to a clear understanding of the Gospel of grace. Thank you for your prayers. This morning I received two phone calls; one from Evelyn who is teaching a small group of people letting me know she would soon be coming to purchase more books, and the other one was from Samson who walked 6 days to attend our courses in Kelapo. He said he would be sending a book order so he could teach some of his people what he had learned. A great way to start the day!!!