•By example – not what we say, but how we live, being real, in love with Jesus, trusting God etc.
•Relationship – this generation is starved for relationship, invite them to be our friend. They will test us to know if we enjoy being with them
•Listening & obeying God’s voice together – have to be God’s idea, it has to be something that they own from their heart
•Encouragement – they are starved for encouragement, don’t flattery them e.g.saying to them You are smart etc. Honour them for their uniqueness, the wonderful gift in their life etc. The choice they made to serve God. Encourage, don’t manipulate.
•Prayer – pray for them, pray with them.



Only one word I use to describe the camp, “AMAZING”. In plain Jamaican slang God do him ting, join me in saying “go deh God” meaning the glory belongs to Him. We had thirty five (35) campers ages 4 – 18 and ten (10) staff. The Lord came near or should I say He was present, I remember we were in the prayer room worshipping and the presence of Adonai was so potent, I have this sense of the warrior God coming in the room and fighting for each person, with intensity, he was warring over them. That night many met Him for the first time. The camp was marked by his presence, Adonai did a transforming work in the heart of individual, students and staff alike. God became real to many, even though Camp has ended the testimonies continues. seven persons got baptized and made re-commitment.
YWAM Jamaica Family

YWAM Jamaica Staff Training

This is a time of the year when both YWAM Campuses come together for a time of fellowship, prayer, building each other up, teaching of the word and just hanging out together. This year our focus was worship, it was a refreshing time. Personally, I felt as if I was being washed, it was an emotional journey, one which I embraced and gave God permission to remove the things that need to be removed and to replace with Himself. I want that freedom, I embrace that freedom, it was a time of my Father reminding me that I should stop striving and come into my full identity as a daughter.

Access Core

Access Core year begins September 2016 – August 2017, we will be having our first planning meeting September 24 -26, it is also a sad occasion for us as we will be attending the funeral service of one of our young men from our community, he was also one of our access camper two (2) years ago. Please continue to pray for our YWAM family and also the family of Daniel as we mourn and grieve his passing.
God has been good to us and he continues to grow us as a ministry, we thank him for the addition of eight (8) new members to the Access Ministry Core group. We are excited and can’t wait to spend time with each of these teenagers and being able to walk alongside them in this discipleship process.

Reading Class

It’s September and guess what! Our reading class resumes yea! I enjoy teaching these children and their parents and it’s rewarding to see fruit of not only they becoming better readers but also getting to know God as their saviour. We have seen transformation and even families coming to know the Lord. It’s worth it and it’s rewarding.


Face-down a worship experience end of this year.

I will be assisting YWAM St. Croix with their NIKO Camp December 16 – 21, 2016. Can you help me to go, estimated cost U.S.$600


All YWAM staff is responsible to raise their own support through financial gifts of friends, family and churches who believe in them and what God has called them to do. My support goal is to raise US$500.00 each month because we live in a community where all of us contribute to the up-keep of the ministry. My support of US$500.00 covers food, housing, grocery, laundry. personal supplies, insurance and medical care. I need to have full time financial and prayer partners who will support me on a monthly basis, will you prayerfully consider joining my support team for the next two years by giving a monthly or one time donation of U.S$50, 100, 200 or 300. I pray that you will see my desire and value of investing in this ministry so please partner with me. May God bless and keep you and your family that you all may prosper in all your endeavours.

My present financial support is U.S.$33 monthly and sometimes U.S$200 in-between (not consistently), please pray for increase in support as presently I need at least U.S$350 monthly.

Pray for a Mission Support Team for me.

Homes of Hope

Pray for each YWAM Jamaica volunteers, health, finances and protection. Also for more volunteers to be added who have a heart to serve.

Access Summer Camp Outreach in St. Thomas Jamaica

Pray for each Access Core Member as we resume Access Core September 2016, those who will return and those who are joining, That each of us will grow in a deeper intimacy with God and we will delight ourselves in Him. Pray for finance for each person monthly, Pray that God will raise up persons to adopt each of these youths as we need prayer partner and financial supporter for them.