Dear friends and family,

                Well, I have actually been home for nearly 2 weeks…  it has been COLD…  and I don’t function TOO well when it is so cold!!!  I thoroughly enjoyed and made the most of the 100 degrees F I experienced in the States, knowing I was coming back to a cold winter.

                I do thank the Lord for travelling mercies..   a number of unforeseen things happened…  like the plane out of Sydney being 6 hours late into Dallas, and therefore we all missed out connecting flights, and I was ONLY on standby (with American Airlines), the next morning,  while the Bagley family had a confirmed flight on Delta..   leaving from different terminals…  and arriving at different terminals in Detroit…   and travelling without a telephone..  yes, it was interesting, but all ended well.


                The wedding (and pre-wedding activities) were lovely…   the groom’s family had helped Raylea in organizing everything…  a garden wedding and reception was made a little damp, by a HUGE downpour just 10 minutes before the wedding was to commence…  but the rain stopped, the seats all got dried off, and the evening was lovely, and Raylea made a very beautiful bride.

                American Independence , July 4th, with an American style picnic, and is was also Bobby and Rhesa’s Wedding Anniversary, then the day after the wedding was Rhianah’s 21st birthday (we had a lovely afternoon tea and games here, last week, with all the family)  as an extension of her birthday, the week AFTER Raylea’s wedding was Raiyah’s 13th birthday, which we celebrated with a day’s outing to Lake Michigan which was magical, and the overnight flight to Anchorage was l-o-n-g, but not as long as the “haul” between Sydney and Dallas…

I thank the Lord for 2 wonderful weeks with Renee and family in Alaska…  we had a couple of short hikes..  at a glazier and around Reflection lake..  and just enjoyed each other’s company, with cuddles with the children, and keeping up with their busy schedule of gymnastics three times a week, and soccer three times a week.

                On the way home, I stopped for a few days with some dear friends in Kansas, and then in Texas….

                Now, here I am, back in Perth, gradually returning to a schedule.  I am looking forward to getting some photos printed, and making yet another scrap book album.

                I presently have no plans for more travel, but who knows what might be around the corner!!!

                                Thanking the Lord for special family and friends.  Thank you for being ‘in’ my life.  Love Bev