Dear Family and Friends,

Now that we have Email and internet connection back we have no excuse for not writing and bringing you up to date on our doings and happenings.

On Saturday the 18th at 4 PM we had a monstrous storm and the lightning was getting closer and closer to us. I, Tom, was in a hurry to leave the house for quartet practice and managed to unplug our computers and that was all. While I was gone a tremendous crack and bang occurred, and Corinne said it sounded like it hit in our attic, it was so close. Well, it did affect our house and many other houses in the neighborhood. Our TV was put out and had to be repaired, telephone was cooked, must replace it. The modem that controls the phone and internet also burnt out and that is under order. All the keys in the key of “F” on the organ were knocked out. I discovered that the lightning had hit the top of a pine tree behind our house, took a narrow strip of bark off, all the way to the ground. The tree is OK, but sadly, our pawpaw (papaya) tree, heavily laden with developing fruit, broke in half and fell to the ground – so there went some future papaya for us and our neighbors. Well, Tom Bittner, one of our maintenance men here, used his Sunday afternoon to help all of us in any way he could. Thank you, Tom.

As you may remember, last year at this time I requested a colonoscopy because of some symptoms and the procedure revealed that I had a growing tumor and it was pronounced cancerous. So surgery was done and they felt they got all of the cancerous cells. The doctor wanted a follow-up check in a year and that year is up. So on the 17th of June he did a colonoscopy and he said everything is clear with no sign of any more problems. A praise to our Great Physician and a big thank you to you who have prayed for us.

Corinne’s right hip has been bothering her for a couple of years, and we finally decided to see a specialist. The Lord led us to a good one. He said she certainly qualifies for a hip replacement; however his policy is to not do it for anyone over the age of 85. But since she is in good health, her doctor approves, she has the right build, and since she is keen on having it done, he agreed to go ahead, on May the 2nd.

The procedure went well, so much so that he told her later, “I may have to alter my policy and take certain people over my established age limit.” In the follow-up with him Dr. Hudanich said, “You are doing well. You have escaped the things that make this procedure risky for people your age, namely stroke, heart attack, infection, or a blood clot.” Corinne said, OR Corinne thought, “I should have explained how dozens of people were praying for him and for me.” All glory belongs to God.

After Corinne completed 10 days of therapy and came home the doctor said she was not to do exercise or have any other therapy, but just to walk with her walker, at least a quarter of a mile a day. Since then I have been going with her on her daily walk, up to half a mile, and we are increasing that. Now, around the house, she leaves the walker behind and uses only her cane, and at times, she sneaks in a short walk on her own. (I’m watching her!) We thank the Lord for the progress she is making, with very little pain and not much interruption to her household work. The hip only bothers her when she gets up after sitting for some time, a bit of stiffness, but no pain.
I am still hopeful that I will be able to go to Papua New Guinea and check the Scriptures Jim Jora and I have been working on via email. Please continue to pray for that to come to pass. Also pray that the Hamtai churches will feel the burden for this project and give Jim some support. We have enough funds for my fare to and from PNG and so forth, but we will need more to maintain a couple of men for two months, and to pay for accommodation in Lae City. And that is another request too, that I’ll find a good place to stay in Lae.

Many of the Scripture portions we are working on are narrative and straight forward. Some of the tedious hours are spent on parts of Exodus and Leviticus, which have the details about temple worship, the priesthood and the offerings. But it is so good, and is an important part of the story of redemption and forgiveness of sins, the shedding of blood, the giving of a life for the sake of sinners.

Thanking you all for your friendship and prayers for us,

Tom and Corinne Palmer