I am long overdue in writing an email update, especially for those of you who are not signed up to receive a snail-mail letter. I hope this will help you understand what God is doing in my life and ministry.

Imagine, if you will, that a friend comes to you and asks for your help to organize, proofread and format a 200-page book. Sure, you say. Here’s the catch – It’s in German. Okay, so maybe you know a few words and phrases in German, but you’re not exactly fluent. How tough is that project going to be?


Well, that’s kind of what I’ve been doing for the past 3 months: organizing, proofreading and formatting a book of Bible lessons IN TARAHUMARA. Now, I’m not fluent, so I am constantly peppering my coworker with questions about spelling, etc. (via email). Each chapter takes approximately 3-4 hours, just for the proofreading and corrections. There are 31 chapters, plus an introduction, plus an appendix. Then, when I’m done with the Tarahumara, I get to start all over again with SPANISH! At least I’ll understand that part! Smile

So, please pray for me to be attentive to details and not to rush through this phase. Pray that God will bring to light any corrections that need to be made. Pray for us as a team to make decisions regarding how things are spelled, so that in the future the Tarahumara pastors and leaders will be able to read the book easily as they teach these Scriptural truths. And thank God with me for the technology available today to communicate with people in Nebraska, Indiana, and the Sierra Madre to help me with this project. (Big shout out to Kim and Brett for their computer expertise!)

I can imagine some of you are saying, “Wait! I thought you were working on videos in Tarahumara?” Yep, that is still happening too, just on the back burner. Kind of when I’m tired of looking at text. I’m back here in Chihuahua and hope to confer with the Kramers regarding the videos. Also, I need to get more narratives (audio) translated into Spanish so that I can understand the Tarahumara better, and put the right video/photos with the narration. Margarita from the Brickyard will be helping me with that. So pray for our time together, that I can finish up the material that I have, so that when I return to Wisconsin in May, I will have plenty of things to do!

“You’re returning to Wisconsin… again… so soon?” Yes, I’m hoping to. My health has not been great this past year, and quite frankly I just can’t take the summer heat here in Chihuahua. Also, my parents need some help with certain things and I feel, before the Lord, that I should be there. I’m still awaiting the okay from NTM headquarters. Please be praying that God would either open this door, or direct me in another path. And do pray that God would give me the strength and make me healthy enough to carry out this task.

Thanks for your prayers! This work is not a one-woman show. I need my coworkers in Mexico, the Tarahumara people to help me, and YOU to pray for this ministry! Thanks for being a part of what God is doing to spread His kingdom throughout the Tarahumara nation.

“…So the Lord God will cause righteousness and praise to spring forth before all the nations.” ~Isaiah 61:11b