Dear Family, Friends and Faithful Supporters,

Prayer and praise points are underlined.

We think of you all more often than we write and wonder how life is going for you these days. Some of you probably have some physical complaints as we all seem to have as we age. Still there are better things to talk about, but we do wonder how best to pray for each other. We all have concerns for different ones in our families, especially as the Lord’s coming could be soon.


That soon coming surely can’t be very long now. It does inspire hope during these days of dire warnings—the collapse of the dollar, the government wanting to confiscate our retirement funds to pay off debt and finance their profligate spending, etc., etc. We wish it did not take so much time just to live so we could do the neglected more important things on our to do list. We get too much mail and too many phone calls of the wrong sort. We are trying to eliminate many of them.

We praise the Lord for the measure of good health that we do have. I, Corinne, am just slowed down by my hip that gave way three years ago. It is gradually improving. I’m 86 now and Tom turns 82 on January 7th. He hopes to be able to return to Papua New Guinea in early Spring in 2016, this time without me. When we were there in 2013 for the dedication of the completed revised Hamtai New Testaments, our doctor warned us that they had no plane or pilot that could fly an emergency flight to Australia. He was not keen on us oldies being there. I assured him that I would not be returning and that I had said my final goodbyes to our Hamtai friends. At that time I was using my cane a lot, and I really appreciated the ladies assisting me on the hills.

However, now, praise the Lord, we do have a new Kodiak plane and the pilots are being trained to fly it. John Leedahl, who was taking that training at SIL, had a motorcycle accident and had to be flown by SIL to Australia. One leg had to be amputated and the other badly injured, needing many surgeries. The family returned to the U.S. for further treatment. He now has a prosthesis and has been cleared to resume flying. His attitude and his complete commitment to God’s work has been tremendous through it all, a real example for all of us.

Another year is coming to a close. I, Tom, had two major surgeries this year. You know about my cancer surgery last May. I am doing well, and there will be follow-up appointments in the spring. However, later, I had chronic headaches, so Corinne and friends took me to the the ER. The doctors did all kinds of routine tests on me and then said, “Why did you bring him here? He is a very healthy man.” Glory to God alone for that. Corinne said, “It is his headaches. We want to know what is causing them.” Then they did a cat scan and saw the subdural hematoma or brain hemorrhage and immediately called the neuro¬surgeon. He performed the hematoma surgery right away. (For details, see former letters on this page.) The Lord spared me in a very risky situation, so I figure He still has work for me to do. Now I am praying that our NTM doctors in PNG will approve my visit to PNG when they receive the completed medical report they requested.

Meanwhile, I am sending portions of Old Testament Scriptures to a young man, Jim Jora, who has offered to help with the checking. These 5,500 verses were translated in draft form many years ago by our translation partner, Malcolm, and have never been worked on until now. My dream and prayer is that we get these checked by native speakers and checked and approved by our consultants and publish them into a book of Old Testament portions. Please pray for Jim as he joyfully works on God’s word in his mother tongue. Right now he is having a problem with his computer. We may need to buy a new one for him. Next letter I’ll have his picture for you. But if you want to see his and his family’s pictures, look on Facebook under Jim Jora.

“Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and ever.”

Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year.

Rejoicing in the Savior,

Tom and Corinne Palmer

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