Hello, dear ones! It’s been awhile. I’m discovering a couple things about myself this year:

1. Now that I’m a half century old, I don’t accept and deal with change and new things as well as I did years ago. Sealed

2. Technology has complicated our world, it interrupts relationships, rather than enhancing them (with a few exceptions). I can’t keep up with all the thousands of way to communicate with people, and each person has their favorite way!

It’s been ages since my last EMAIL update, and for those who don’t receive my postcards or letters, I feel like I should write a book for you about all that has passed. But then I know you wouldn’t read it. So I’ll break down the last few months in bullets for you.


I took 2 months of a Tarahumara language course in another town near Chihuahua, finishing the end of July. Made more great friends and learned a lot!

  • In August there was an avalanche of life’s problems again (spiritual warfare too!). I did get up to El Paso for a few days to celebrate my birthday and take some quality time to seek God in the midst of all the chaos.
  • In September, God began to sort out my life little by little. The death of my snuggly cat was pretty hard (hit by a car). But I was able to meet with Andy and Deb Kramer, hash out a few more details about my NEW MINISTRY of making Tarahumara Bible story videos, and get started on that.
  • I’m beginning to go out to the BRICKYARD again, not in any official capacity, but just to visit people and keep pointing them to God. I’ve had some great visits! But there is a lot of heartbreak out there. Two sisters (age 18 and 14) are pregnant out of wedlock and one miscarried. There are offenses that haven’t been forgiven and people are bitter. The kids I knew are growing up, having addiction problems, getting “married” and divorced. It’s hard to see any fruit of the Spirit in their lives. PRAY FOR THE B.Y. PEOPLE.
  • Margarita is helping me listen to and understand the recordings in Tarahumara for the videos so that I put the appropriate pictures with the audio. She and her family are a blessing! PRAY FOR WISDOM to understand this slightly different dialect.
  • I’m being stretched (technology) with this video project. Pray for wisdom and understanding and patience! And for protection from those digital demons that have plagued me ever since I got my first computer 25 years ago! Laughing

Thanks for reading to the end, for praying for me and bearing the burdens of my ministry. God bless you and recompense you for the time you devote to this!

Allison Lucht