I’m just a tumblin’ tumbleweed…



Meet my closest companions in the past 6 months! We’ve gone from Wisconsin to Chihuahua and back again, then back to Chihuahua, to nearby towns of Camargo and Cuauhtemoc, to El Paso TX, and back to Chihuahua. During June and July I lived 4 days each week in Cuauhtemoc taking a Tarahumara language course, and 3 days in Chihuahua. I finally unpacked for good Aug 14!

With all that time on the road, that’s why I haven’t been too good at communicating.



Once I was back in Chihuahua “permanently” in August, my dogs started getting sick. I made 14 visits to the vet in 18 days! Everything is finally back to normal and I’ve settled into life here at home. Since March, I’ve had 20 fix-it projects consuming my time, energy and money.

The first week of August, some folks from CO came to visit. They helped me with several of my fix-it projects, as well as help out at a local church. The picture to the right shows Steve and Bob working on the ceiling fan. We all were involved in the VBS there that week, telling a missions story. What an encouragement! 


Meet Andy and Deb Kramer, with Pioneers Mission, working amongst the Tarahumara for many years. They are responsible for developing the Tarahumara language course, a literacy program, 41 Bible story booklets, and are working on a series of videos in the indigenous language. 

That’s where I come in! I’ll be collaborating with the Kramers in producing these Bible story videos. The intention is to present the Gospel chronologically, emphasizing the fundamental truths underlying these stories, in a modern format. Believe it or not, many Tarahumara people in the Sierra have better cell phones than I do! This is one way to spread the seed of the Gospel over a vast region! 

Pilaro was our language assistant in the course. She would answer all our questions about Tarahumara. Please pray for her and her family to come to know Christ as their Savior. She knows some things about Christianity, but it’s obviously all muddled with her people’s religious beliefs. Although our class is over, pray that we students can maintain contact with her and share the truth of the Gospel with her.


  • For strength and encouragement amidst many spiritual battles.
  • For wisdom in learning new computer programs, finding resources for the videos and producing them.
  • For courage to develop new relationships. A lot of my friends have left, and I’m not on a specific “team” here. The enemy uses loneliness to discourage me, so pray that I would be proactive in making new friends.


  • In May, Ana T visited me to tell give me all the news about the BY. Mostly it was about people bickering, following other religious groups, etc.
  • I visited the BY briefly one afternoon in July with a group. Everyone greeted me with smiles and hugs and requests that I come back and work there…. to solve all their problems. Oh, and could I bring medicine? And vitamins? And would I buy more ornaments?… Nothing changes!