Allison finally has some plans!

Well, actually, my plans are already being put into action!

Thanks for all of your prayers over the past year for guidance and direction from the Lord in my life. I can definitely see His hand leading me through the darkness, one step at a time, not revealing too much ahead of time.

I returned to Chihuahua Mexico in early March in Part 1 of my return to the field. I got my house set up, got papers for my American vehicle, and talked to my field leaders about what I should be trying to accomplish. We decided i would pursue taking a Tarahumara language course offered by Pioneers missionaries in a nearby city, Cuauhtemoc. (If you don’t speak Spanish, don’t even bother trying to pronounce some of these names! Just call this one Kwow.)


So I went back to Wisconsin in April to complete Part 2 of my return to the field: packed up everything else I would need in Mexico, including my pets, and my mom and I made the 4-day trip down to Chihuahua. While my mom was still here with me, I took in a couple of days of our field conference.

Then after taking my mom out to El Paso so she could fly home the beginning of June, I prepared to move temporarily to Kwow. This particular course started in February, so I’ve missed 4 months of it. But the teachers are good friends of mine and agreed to work with me and try to get me up to speed. The good thing is that a lot of the language I learned 18 years ago is coming back to me while I’m in the class!

So, if I could ask you to be praying for me:

  1. Safety on the roads: I travel to Kwow on Sundays, stay 4 days, then return to Chihuahua for 3 nights. Then repeat this each week of class throughout the summer. It’s a crazy twisty mountain road, although just a 1.5 hour drive.
  2. Stamina: same reasons – lots of travel, tiring, and the awful summer heat! It’s wearying living between two places.
  3. Studying Tarahumara: The class is in a dialect with slight differences that the one I learned years ago. This presents some challenges. Also, being behind the other 7 students in class makes it harder to participate in class activities, although i’m determined to keep trying! Just pray I can cram as much Tarahumara into this old brain as possible over the next few months.
  4. Future plans (betcha thought they were all gonna begin with “s”, didn’t you?): my SHORT-TERM plans as of August are to begin helping Andy (Pioneers) as he develops Bible story booklets and videos in Tarahumara. I will be doing the computer work for these projects. My LONG-TERM goal is to be part of a NTM team that will locate in the mountains and be a part of Scripture translation and church-planting among the Tarahumara. But like we say in Spanish: El hombre propone, Dios dispone. (Man proposes, God disposes).

Thank you for your prayers and words of encouragement. One way to encourage me is to let me know how I can pray for YOU – that way I still feel connected to you! God bless and keep you.

In Christ,