Very exciting news from some friends, and former co-workers in Papua New Guinea that we received earlier this week.

Bringing the BIBLE into Mariama & Anganamai

The Bible is finished! One month from today, we will be flying into our village to give God’s Word, bound into one book, every verse checked & proofread, to the tribal believers. They are planning a celebration with guests coming from neighboring villages & around Papua New Guinea. We are anticipating this day with excitement … Wednesday October 1, 2014 is the day! Pictured below, the entire New Testament written in the Bagwido language. The front of the Bible says Mbro Nkifrarhu Ngonborngs, which means “Great Creator Being’s Book.”


The new semester is well under way with some 40 plus new students. They are here being trained in hopes to one day to teach and translate God’s Word to a whole new people / language group. Pray that they remain focused on our Savior and the task ahead of them.

On a personal note, we are still waiting to hear from the bank in regards to the loan on the house. The first closing date was September 10, but our mortgage lady said the USDA dept was behind on processing applications. We were given a new date of October 1st, that is now less than a week away and the bank still hasn’t heard back from the USDA dept.

Meanwhile, I must admit that it is not easy with all the unknowns. I can’t help but think of all the extra expenses we are going to have and the needs that we are facing. Please pray with us regarding these needs; another vehicle, lawn mower and chainsaw for firewood. The house does have a fireplace, and we intend on using it. I considered trading my 4-wheeler for a vehicle, but having just passed 10,000 miles, it isn’t worth a whole lot. So, I recently fabricated a snow blade for it out of an old hot water tank, so we will have something to clear our drive way with.

Tanya started working part time at a local grocery store as a checkout lady. She has really enjoyed being out in the community more and meeting new people. She was just promoted to the service desk and is feeling some information overload, but she is doing very well. I also recently started part time driving semi, and tow trucks. Mostly on weekends, but have done a couple evening calls as well. The real bonus about this job, It’s the Company that our High School hires to pull the Marching Band semi-trailer, So I am getting paid to go to Christy’s Band competitions.

Pressing On,

Tom and Tanya Robinson

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