I’m sure you’ve all been asking, “Where in the world is Allison Lucht?” Okay, maybe not. But since I haven’t sent out an email update in awhile, I thought it was finally time for another.

I’ve been holed up here in Wisconsin for the summer, and what a lovely summer it has been! The perfect weather after a long, cold and snowy winter. THANK YOU, LORD!


I’ve been keeping busy at church, teaching SUNDAY SCHOOL for the preschoolers. That is quite an adjustment age-wise to all the teaching I’ve done on the mission field. But these kids are a lot calmer (for the most part) than the Brickyard kids, so it makes the job a lot easier. It’s been a lot of fun!

I’ve also been helping my parents clean out the basement and have a GARAGE SALE. WHEW!! It went so well that they want to have ANOTHER one before winter. I’m glad they are downsizing and getting rid of stuff they don’t need – a good example to us all!

Next up on my schedule is ANOTHER TRIP. This time I’m headed out east, from Michigan to Nova Scotia and pretty much everywhere in between. I’ll leave on Labor Day weekend and be on the road for 6 weeks, so I would greatly appreciate your prayers during my travels. I look forward to seeing many of you and reconnecting!!

People have asked me what news I have from the Brickyard, and sadly I don’t have any news. All the Mexican friends that were continuing with the ministry in my absence have left Chihuahua for the summer and our classes came to a halt, at least temporarily. I am hoping and praying that the believers out there continue to study the Word with other Bible teachers, and even more importantly that they are growing on their own. GOD loves them even more than I do, and HE wants His children to grow. I know HE will be faithful to continue to mold them and work in their lives.

Thank you for your prayers and love! I had a wonderful birthday this week, and thank God for all the ways He continues to work in my life to conform me to Christ’s perfect image. What a faithful loving God we serve!