Dear Family, Friends and Supporters,

We have not had much news to report, but it is time that we shared our latest with you. We are enduring, sometimes enjoying the hot summer of the Sunshine State. We say enduring because yesterday the temperature reached 95/75 – very hot and muggy. We say enjoying because it is a lot like Lae City, Papua New Guinea, where we spent the last 6 years of our time in PNG. We prefer it here to being in states where there have been tornados, floods, landslides, terrible fires and earthquakes. We are thankful that in the two years we have been here we have not had to endure a hurricane.


New Testament shipment. The order to print 4,000 more copies of the Hamtai New Testament has been sent to the printers and they should be done in a few weeks. Then they need to be sent to PNG by container. The funds remaining in the Hamtai New Testament Fund will be sufficient for the printing but will not cover the shipping and other costs, which we estimate to be about $5,000.

O.T. Scripture project. Tom keeps working on the Old Testament portions of Scripture to get them ready for checking and publishing next year. There is exegesis to do, then checking the rough translation Malcolm wrote out, and then Tom needs to go to PNG to get it checked. He is trying to free August and September of too many other activities so he can focus on that project.

We are so grateful for those who are still standing with us with support. It really helps complement our small social security income.

Travels. We are also working on a presentation of videos and slides to tell the story of our visit back to PNG last year for the dedication of the revised Hamtai New Testament. Then around the 1st of October we plan to travel to the north and middle of the U.S. to visit many of you and report God’s faithfulness in our lives and to show you what God is doing in PNG. Any of you that would like a visit from us, please contact us so we can work out an itinerary.

We are booked to speak at Harpursville Baptist Church in New York on the 12th of October. So we will probably leave here about the 1st and visit friends and family enroute on the east coast. We did not want to travel before then, as our daughter, Judy Burdett, and her husband Jim plan to be in Sanford most of September to get their completed translation of the New Testament in the Dom language prepared for being printed. We are eagerly looking forward to their arrival and having some time with them.

After a visit with our grandson Ilai in prison in NY we plan to visit in PA, then head out to Missouri, down to Tulsa, OK, Texas and back to Sanford.
Family. In March we had a visit from our son Duane and his wife Lori. Then our son Joel was able to visit us for a few days when he drove his daughter Katie down to North Carolina to a camp to serve before she returns for her second year of college in Kentucky. He was able to help Tom with some technicalities in getting his pictures organized so he could prepare a presentation. Our son David was driving a big truck for awhile but did not make it down our way, so it has been quite a time since we have seen him. Now he is back in Winnemucca, Nevada, driving workers to and from the mines in the area.

Plane for Papua New Guinea. We would like to inform you of an opportunity to vote for a possible financial grant for NTM from Lightspeed Aviation Foundation as a contender for a $2,000 – $10,000 grant. The top eight most popular organizations out of the 15 finalists will be awarded the grants. In 2013, NTM placed second and received $8,000, which was invested in a helicopter used for Typhoon Haiyan relief in the Philippines. Any 2014 Lightspeed Aviation Foundations grant received will go toward the Kodiak aircraft needed for Papua New Guinea. Your vote can be part of moving NTM up in the rankings. You can help by voting now and by sharing this opportunity with as many of your friends and family members as possible. Ask them to vote now for New Tribes Mission on this page:

Prayer & Praise: We value and thank God for your prayers for us. Those of you who pray for us and/or support us are truly part of our team.
Praise for the arrival of Andrew Sisco, Janelle and Alexander’s first child, Duane’s first grandchild, in January; and in July, Jacob Palmer, Charlie and Talana’s 2nd son, Joel’s second grandson, our 7th great grandchild.

Please pray for continued good health so we can finish some projects for Hamtai, and be a blessing here as well. Corinne is awaiting the arrival of new glasses, but one of her inserts is cloudy and needs scraping. She turned 85 on August 9th!

Also pray for Dennis Best at Sobega center in PNG as he helps 2 of our Hamtai translators, Malcolm and Jim, with computer skills, so that they can communicate with us on Email with news, and send Scripture portions back and forth.

Joyfully in Christ,

Tom and Corinne Palmer