Dear praying friends,

I know this is long overdue, which could mean this could become an epistle instead of a note…

I was laying abed ‘thinking’ – it is 33 years today, when Doug and I were in our village home, and I went into labour with our youngest, Roxanne. Doug had a deep gash on his foot, from an injury sustained in the village, PLUS he had gone to bed the night before with an attack of malaria, when I announced around 3.30am that my waters had broken!! As with everything before him, Doug “rose to the occasion” and delivered Roxanne safely, albeit that she was breach, and the cord broke before her head delivered. Dr Doug managed EVENTUALLY to get the baby to breathe, and we continually thank the Lord for His undertaking.


Roxanne recently hosted a “SURPRISE” river cruise for David, to celebrate his 40th birthday. She did have some help from a couple of friends, BUT it was a surprise, and it is a difficult thing to surprise David!!


Both Raewyn and Gregan were very ill with the flu this year, but both are ‘back to normal’ and enjoying the family ‘get togethers’. Gregan not only has a fish in a little aquarium, but he recently got a bunny rabbit and has taken on the responsibility of her care!! Great job, Gregan.

This coming weekend, we will share in a “High Tea” with Roxanne to celebrate her birthday. Sunday past, we were all together at Rhesa’s home, celebrating Bobby’s birthday, and during July, we had three opportunities at my place, to celebrate Rhianah’s, Raiyah’s and Rhesa’s birthdays. The Bagley family are renting a home for missionaries over in Sth Perth and have had a busy time outfitting the two younger girls with uniforms, musical instruments, books etc for them to go into a school – the first time they have gone to a school in Australia. In the past, when on ‘home assignment’ Rhesa has home schooled the girls.

We are using every opportunity to get together as a family, while we can ALL be together. November is looming very quickly upon us when we will have to say “Good-bye” to Renee, Bryan and the five children. They will return to Alaska this year. In the beginning, they stated they were coming to Australia for 2 years, and in November we will have been blessed with their presence for 4 years. It has been GREAT timing, being here during Doug’s year of surgeries, a GREAT year of better health, and then the last couple of years of decline. Praising the Lord for His timing in leading and undertaking in their movements. The Morris family spent June and the beginning of July driving from Perth, travelling up the north-west and down through the centre of Australia, from Darwin to Port Augusta the back west to Perth. A GREAT experience!!!

Brad and Rachel are busy, and two weekends ago, Brad was in the country helping with a Mighty Man’s conference which was back to back with a retreat they facilitated for all the chaplains of the area of his responsibility. Rachel got some great comments of the good meals she served. James and Heidi have jobs they enjoy, and in November, Heidi will celebrate her 21st birthday. Chelsea recently competed in her school’s sports and got first in discus, javelin and 100m dash. She has decided to study hard, so she can go to university to do nursing.

I am grateful for the comfortable home in which I live, and Wednesday evenings up to 14 meet here for Bible Study. I still exercise Mondays with both Prime Movers –in the morning, and Clogging – in the evening. I have added Zumba on Thursday nights!!! Over the weekend, I had a granddaughter here so I could take her to the Jazz Festival in which she was playing, as part of her school year 10 class…. Tonight I will have another granddaughter here, and tomorrow we will do some needlework together.

Before I close, I do want to share a little of the recent trip Jason Stuart made into the Owininga……

On July 30 thru August 2 we held a course in Samou for the church leaders on teaching thru phase 2, the main points of it and why we do it.

The Samou church is already experienced in teaching phase 1 and the rationale behind teaching phase 2 to the church leaders was to emphasize to them the importance of grounding believers in concepts of grace, Christ being the source of all that they need, and the work of the Holy Spirit. All the Samou church leaders attended Many others in the community also attended. The only Owiningas who attended who were not from Samou were Inukam’s widow from Inagri and Sailas from Yei. Everyone who attended expressed appreciation for the course and there was good interaction with the material with lots of good questions. 

Discipleship– The Samou church meets 3 times a week (Sunday, Tuesdays, and Fridays). The church leaders take turns teaching topically on verses of their choice. The women meet together on Thursdays. Emos teaches Sunday school for the children on Sundays. In addition to this Timoti Ariane has taught thru half of phase 1 in both Inagri and Am in the last.

Literacy- Adult literacy started in Samou earlier this year with 15 women attending. They got thru the first primer and into the second and now the class has taken a few months’ break, as the teachers have been too busy. Pray they will complete the course.

-The literacy program is a prayer concern, as well as outreaches to the other villages. 

-The church leaders asked for prayer for their children to also be following the Lord and it seems there are some problems when the kids become teenagers as there is currently a very worldly community school teacher in Samou who is not a good influence.

-Inukam’s widow from Inagri is a very sincere lady who would like to serve the Lord single. However, there is a great deal of pressure for her to become the second wife of a man from Am and she asked for prayer for this heavy to go away.

 -A 6th grade student in Samou named Maison wrote me a nice letter asking for prayer because he wants to do the Lord’s work one day.

I am always blessed and humbled to visit Samou. The believers are so enthusiastic in the faith and always want to learn more and always have encouraging things to share. Nowhere else I go to has little old ladies coming up to me and hugging me and telling me in their broken Pidgin how they are trusting in Christ’s death alone to get them to Heaven. Please keep praying for the Samou believers and the challenges that they face, that they will be looking only to Christ.

On that note, I will close, thanking each one of you for your prayers, not only for me and my family, but for the Lord’s work amongst the Owininga. What a privilege to have spent all those years amongst the Owininga working alongside Doug. Praising the Lord, that it is His work, and we will complete it.

Much love in the Saviour,