Praise the Lord with us!

You will remember that a few months ago we asked you to join us in asking the Lord for an urgently needed aeroplane for New Tribes Mission Aviation PNG. No doubt you have been praying and wondering what was happening as a result.

We have good news. We have received the news from NTMA in the U.S.A. that God has wonderfully provided the Kodiak plane we have been asking Him for. Here is the letter they sent out letting us know:

We have been on a very long journey to supply Kodiak aircraft to our field of Papua New Guinea. It has seemed over the past few years that God has been silent as we have trusted him and prayed fervently that He would grant us the needed funds for such an aircraft. During that time, we have acted on our faith by communicating to donors and the general public with passion for what God has called us to do. In spite of that, it seemed that little progress was being made. In reality, though, He has been working all this time!

I just returned this morning from Denver, where yesterday a couple of donors stepped up to the challenge of our urgent request for Kodiaks for PNG. They have purchased a Kodiak “white tail” sitting on the Quest ramp waiting for a buyer. “White tail” signifies that the plane is complete but as yet unpainted since there is no purchaser to determine the paint scheme. This gift is above what we could even ask or think! Wow! Praise the Lord! Since the aircraft is already built, the delivery schedule is very quick. Quest will install the extras that we need for PNG, apply our NTMA paint scheme, and then deliver it. If all goes as planned, Quest hopes to deliver by the end of May. Amazing! It could be sitting in our hangar in McNeal as soon as 5 weeks from now. God is so good.

We know that through all this time of waiting, God has been good, even though we may have doubted it at times. But with this amazing provision, we surely say, God is so good! And now we have more opportunities to trust Him for this Kodiak to get to its field of service. We are not at home plate yet, but we are definitely sliding into third base with home plate in view! I went into these meetings with Quest in Denver thinking we were still sitting on the sidelines without funds to even consider placing an order, only to find out that God had already placed the order, had it built, and then parked it on the ramp to wait for us. “Oh ye of little faith!” are stinging words in my heart as I write.

This is so sudden that we have not even had time to consider the many plans and details that must now be put in motion. Our funding objectives now move to the finishing details in McNeal, the training of our PNG staff, the ferry flight, and the setup costs in PNG.

We will update you as we move forward in this process.
Phil Koop
Executive Director, NTM Aviation

We also asked you to pray that the Jon Leedahl family would be able to come quickly to the field so that he could train as the pilot for our present twin engined plane. We have received news that Jon and Adie and their family are on the field and Jon is training with JRAAS, the flight arm of SIL [Wycliffe Bible Translators] at their PNG hangar on their Kodiak so that later on he will be able to fly our own Kodiak.

Thank you for praying,

Bill and Lynette Cottam